Period Threads


All of these accessory items have been hand crafted in my non-smoking home.
Some of the jeweled belt findings are new, some are vintage.

BeltCommission #BltCom $15.-40.

Gypsy3 #BLT3 $30 *SOLD*
ON SALE! $26.

Gypsy2 #BLT2 $30. *SOLD*

Fantasy #BLT1 $25. *SOLD*

Gypsy4-6 #BLT4 $5ea *SOLD*

Gypsy1 #BLT1 $27.50 *SOLD*

BHolster1 #BWEB4 *SOLD*

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.