Period Threads

MoriGirl/Boho (ca. 1900-1970) Garments
Female 57-60 cm

These gypsy - bohemian inspired garments are made to fit 57-65cm female bjd. On the 57-60cm gals, the skirts will be longer.
Many have elastic waists and will fit a range of bodies. The fitted waists close with a snap; the snap may be moved to accomodate different waists.
These gypsy gathered skirts have three to six tiers. All of the gypsy tops are made with elastic at the neck and arm for ease of dressing.

Red3Tier #G57S5 $25
ON SALE! $20.

RoseTrim #G57S8 $25.

Fitwlace #G57S2 $21. *SOLD*

Gypsy1 #BLT1 $27.50 *SOLD*

Gypsy3 #BLT3 *SOLD*

Gypsy4-6 #BLT4 *SOLD*

Gypsy2 #BLT2 $30 *SOLD*

YellowPeasant #G57T6 $18 *SOLD*

Eyelet4Tier #G57S13 *SOLD*

Eyelet5Tier #G57S9 $25. *SOLD*

Red4Tier #G57S3 *SOLD*

PinkPeasant #G57T5 $18 *SOLD*

Golds #G57S6 $35 *SOLD*

BatisteTop1 #G57T1 $30 *SOLD*

RuffleTop #G57T3 $25 *SOLD*

Reds5Tier #G57S7 $30 *SOLD*

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.