Period Threads

Medieval (ca. 1400-1500) Garments
Female 57-60 cm

The Medieval gowns were created from an actual pattern dated from 1450s. I modified the pattern to work for the ball jointed dolls. These gowns have set-in narrow sleeves which come to a point over the hand.
There is only a small train with this medieval style. These gowns fit from 62-65cm dolls, the taller doll will have less pooling of the gown on the floor. The gowns have been made with either heavy stretch velvet or lighter weight panne' material which IS quite stretchy, so it is likely to accomodate most bust sizes and body measurements.

Please take your time putting the doll's hands thru the close fitting sleeves!
It is unlikely that you'll need to take her hands off. However, IF your doll's fingers are widely spaced, you may have to remove the hands and use an S-hook while you pull the gown up.

The cloaks are made with a romantic hood, and have five panels to the body, so they drape beautifully. The cloaks also feature arm openings which are hidden when unused. The gowns and cloaks 'pool' more on the floor with the shorter dolls.

Mint #M57G2 $60.

CherryBlossom #M57G1 $85. *SOLD*

WinterSplendor #F57C1 $50 *SOLD*

RegalPurple #M57G5 $85. *SOLD*

CreamCloak #F57C2 $45. *SOLD*

Sage #M57G3 $60 *SOLD*

IcyBlue #M57G6 $55 *SOLD*

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.