Period Threads

Regency (ca. 1800-1820) Garments
Female 57-60 cm

The Regency Fashion Era was from 1800-1820 during the time of the regency of George IV. Fashions took on a Grecian look using the lightweight muslins from India. The dresses were gathered beneath the bust, into the empire waist, then falling to the floor. The look was very slender and airy. Think of the films based on the Jane Austen books for Regency style such as "Pride and Prejudice".

MuslinPrint #R57G1 $57
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UnderGown2 #R57S2 $29.00 1-remain

UnderGown5 #R57S5 $29.00 2-avail

PinkPetticoat #R57S1 $45.

WhitePetticoat #R57S2 $45.

UnderGown4 #R57S4 $29.00 1-remain

Pantalet2 #R57P2 $27.50

Leaves #R57G2 $60. *SOLD*

UnderGown3 #R57S3 $29.00 *SOLD*

Chemise #R57C1 $30. *SOLD*

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UnderGown #R57S1 $27.50 *SOLD*

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Muslin1 #R57G3 $60 *SOLD*

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