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Female 57-60 cm


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This peach Robe Battante was inspired by the robe worn by Claire Fraser in Season 2 of the TV series "Outlander" ca 1735. This robe was a prototype made with a soft peach crepe back satin fabric. It is unlined, but all seams are finished. There are two pleats at the side fronts; the back is heavily pleated with a pattern from an extant robe which I found in doing research. It was designed to be shorter in front - as was Claire's in the series - and trails onto the floor in the back. The sleeves are below elbow length and have a wide cuff.

There are no fastenings and it was designed to be worn over a period shift. There are several types available in my "whitewear" menu.

The Robe Battante is modeled by Safiya - my Iplehouse nYID gal (58cm medium bust) in her bare feet. It will fit a wide range of bodies - this height or shorter.

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