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MoriGirl/Boho (ca. 1900-1970) Garments
Female 62-65 cm

These "Mori Girl" - gypsy - bohemian inspired garments are made to fit 57-65cm female bjd. On the 57-60cm gals, the skirts will be longer.
Some skirts have elastic waists and will fit a range of bodies. The fitted waists close with a snap; the snap may be moved to accomodate different waists. Many of these skirts/petticoats should fit a variety of bodies including Iplehouse, Soom SuperGem, and Dollstown 17 and 18; and other similar dolls. please see my Fit-Models menu for measurements of dolls shown modeling.

These boho/gypsy gathered skirts have three to six tiers. All of the peasant/gypsy tops are made with elastic at the neck and arm for ease of dressing.

Please email if you would like to see the garments on a different resident model.

PinkMori #G65M1 $40.

MintMori #G65M3 $35.

Red3Tier #G57S5 $25
ON SALE! $20.

RoseTrim #G57S8 $25.

BlueMori #G65M1 $35. *SOLD*

Purple6Tier #G57S1 $28. *SOLD*

Gypsy2 #BLT2 $30. *SOLD*

Eyelet4Tier #G57S13 *SOLD*

Eyelet5Tier #G57S9 $25. *SOLD*

YellowPeasant #G57T6 $18 *SOLD*

Fitwlace #G57S2 $21. *SOLD*

PeachTrim #G57S10 $25 *SOLD*

PinkPeasant #G57T5 $18 *SOLD*

Red4Tier #G57S3 $30 *SOLD*

Golds #G57S6 $35 *SOLD*

BatisteTop1 #G57T1 $30 *SOLD*

Reds5Tier #G57S7 $30 *SOLD*

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.