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Medieval Garments
Female 62-65cm


#F57C1     $50. *SOLD*


"WinterSplendor" is a lovely sky blue romantic cloak was created with the softest imaginable faux fur/plush fabric, fully lined with brilliant white satin. It simply begs to be touched! The body is constructed of five panels, and features openings for arms, which are nearly invisible when not in use. The deep, romantic hood drapes dramatically and is bordered with silver embroidered ribbon which extends down the cloak front. The cloak closes at the throat with a clasp.

The cloak is modeled on an Iplehouse 62cm SID woman. It will fit a wide range of bodies.

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arm openings not visible when arms inside

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.