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Female 62-650cm


#C65Van     $160. *SOLD*


This long Victorian styled coat was inspired by "Penny Dreadful's" Vanessa Ives gray coat outfit from season 1, ca. 1891, of the TV series. It is sized for a Soom Super Gem 65cm female doll. It may fit other similar sized dolls such as the Feeple65 gals.

The coat was created with gray suedecloth and black suedecloth details at collar, lapel and wrist. It is fully lined in silvery silkessence fabric. The long sleeves are fitted, and require the doll's hands to be removed to don the coat or to take it off. The fairly fitted bodice closes with three hook&eye fitting inside the coat. The exterior shows embroidery details at the collar, lapel, wrists, pockets and at the closing area. Six jet beads function as "buttons". The pockets are actual working pockets. The back of the coat has a deep opening so the doll may "run" or ride her horse.

The coat is modeled by Soom SuperGem Dia, original body, 65cm tall. It may fit other similar sized doll, such as the Feeple65 gals. I would be happy to try it on my Siean if desired.

Doll is NOT for sale. Other Victorian garments to go with this coat may be commissioned.

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note the working pocket!

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