Period Threads

Gallery of Past Creations
Female Gowns (43-52cm)

minifee silk chiffon gown

minifee chiffon gown

minifee batiste nightgown

minifee Regency gown

minifee Flirty dresses

Minifee medieval gown

Minifee medieval gown


Two fancy dresses for DT Elf

Commission 52cm 'Alice' outfit

Skirt, blouse, and vest of 'Alice' outfit

Cotton Summer dresses for DT Elf

Royal Blue Fantasy gown - RaccoonDoll

Commission 34cm AncientTales blue gown

Commission 34cm AncientTales gold gown

Commission 34cm AncientTales cream/gold gown

Commission 34cm AncientTales white gown

Patterned White Regency dress for 52cm

White Eyelet dress for 52cm

Commission 52cm Fancy dress set w/embroidered mesh and batiste

Commission 52cm Batiste underdress

Blue butterfly and purple cotton dress for 52cm

Romantic cloak 43cm in Kelly panne' w/gold satin edging

Commission 43cm Fantasy gown in cobalt panne'

Deep pink - salmon Fantasy gown for 43cm

Fantasy gown 43cm in Black Velvet w/ruby panne' and white fur

Romantic Cloak in ruby panne' 43cm

Fantasy gown 43cm in Icy Blue panne'

Heavy blue velvet medieval MSD gown

SpringGreen panne' medieval gown for Unoa

Unoa 43cm fantasy gown in pale green panne'

Teal Heavy velvet for Unoa

Fantasy gown for Ellowyne in SpringGreen panne'

The GALLERY garments have been sold and are in collector's homes. Customer photos are used with permission and are credited.

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.