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Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor Long Brown Coat - Dec 2015

This coat was inspired by the Tenth Doctor's long brown coat - Doctor Who TV series.

The coat was constructed using light brown suedecloth fabric. It is lined with blue satin fabric in a lighter weight. The working pockets have double welts and a pocket flap similar to photos from the web. Another version is in work at this time.

The front of the coat has the twin rows of buttons, and working buttonholes. The coat has a deep center back vent so the Doctor can easily run!

My Iplehouse SID Model Georgio is modeling the coat, with a period shirt and test pants. Georgio was painted by Iplehouse, his eyes are 12mm Gumdrops, and he wears a German mohair fabric wig made by PeriodThreads. (he was waiting for his sneakers at the time of these photos)

Doctor Who - long brown 10th Doctor Coat

side view

back view

back vent - showing lining

side front - showing facing and lining