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Feeple65 Velvet Gowns 16feb18

The medieval gown design originated from a kirtle pattern ca.1450 - modified and adapted for the bjds. The medieval gown was made with heavy stretch crushed velvet fabrics. The gown has slender fitted sleeves which come to a point over the hands. The gown has a bit of pooling on the floor and a small train.

The lilac fantasy gown was made with an old pattern which I modded extensively over the years. This gown was made with heavy stretch velvet with pale silvery white satin lining the draped sleeves. This gown pulls up from the feet as well. The gown has some pooling on the floor and a medium train.

My Feeple65 Siean (white resin) models the garments in her bare flat feet.

Lilac Velvet Fantasy Gown

closeup of bodice and sleeves

side view

back view

another view

Pink Crushed Velvet Medieval Gown

closeup of bodice

side view

back view

other side view

closeup of bodice fit