Period Threads

Period Threads - Dress/Undress SmartDoll in Medieval Gown 2Sept21

This page gives instructions for donning and removing the Period Threads stretch fabric medieval gowns from the SmartDoll!

The gowns *must* be pulled up from the feet. The SmD stand must be removed first and the feet placed close to each other. (Strongly suggested to remove the doll's hands to put on the gown as the sleeves are fitted.)

To don the gown: Remove her stand!! Now slip the gown on from the feet; once the neckline is a bit above the waist, carefully insert each arm into the sleeve - it is most simple to remove the hand as the sleeves are quite fitted. Once the arms are in the sleeves, pull the gown up to the shoulders and adjust. You may then reattach her hands. And then you may attach the default SmD stand under the gown.

To remove the gown: first remove the stand from under the gown (very important!!). Then slip the gown down to the waist, and carefully pull the sleeves off the arms - you do not absolutely need to remove the hands to take the sleeves off. Once both arms are out of the sleeves, grasp the entire hem of the gown in one hand, and slowly pull it off down from her hips and off over the feet. All done!

Please email me if you need additional hints on using these stretch gowns for SmartDoll.

Donning the stretch Medieval Gowns

ready for sleeves:

getting close:

ready for hands

ready to stand up in gown!

Removing the stretch medieval gowns

slipping arms from sleeves

slip off hips