Period Threads

Gallery of Past Creations
Female Gowns (57-70cm)

Sequin skirt with silk bodice DT17

Cage Crinoline and Petticoats DT17

Poldark period inspiration DT17

Poldark period lingerie nYID

Poldark period silk gowns

Poldark period inspiration DT17

Heavy Velvet Medieval Gown - HIDw

Purple Velvet Surcote - HIDw

Crimson Velvet Surcote - HIDw

Brocade Kimono Robe

Pleated back of Kimono Robe

Lady Amalthea inspired gown

Chiffon Robe Battante

Pleated Back of Chiffon Robe

Rococco Polonaise dress

Crimson panne' Fantasy gown

Brocade Robe Battante ca.1735

Chiffon "Candle" gown ca.1893

Victorian skirt with back pleats ca.1891

Victorian coat ca.1891

Victorian lace over-blouse ca.1891

Sari Fabric Robe Battante ca.1735

Cotton 1930s print dress

Cotton 1930s skirt/blouse

Victorian long coat and gored skirt

Black Heavy Velvet/Crimson panne' Fantasy gown

Brocade Robe Battante ca.1735

Robe Battante in patterned chiffon ca.1735

Shawl and skirt ca.1735

Shawl and skirt ca.1735

Fantasy gown silvery white/blue DT18

Fantasy gown in turquoise heavy velvet with chiffon cape & sleeves

Icy Blue panne' Fantasy gown

Bronze crushed velvet Medieval gown

Sage Green panne' Medieval gown

Light Blue batiste embroidered galabeeyah

White panne' Medieval gown

Medieval SID gown in crimson panne'

Crushed Velvet Purple Fantasy gown

Medieval gown of fancy crushed bronze velvet

Fantasy gown in black and crimson crushed velvets

Commission Fantasy gown in White velvets

Fantasy gown in Cobalt and pale Blue heavy Velvets

Amethyst panne' fantasy gown

Fantasy gown in heavy Teal velvet and satin

Garnet panne' fantasy gown

CottonCandy Pink panne' fantasy gown

Spring Green panne' fantasy gown

Emerald / Ruby panne' fantasy gown

Fantasy gown in black and crimson heavy velvet

Fantasy gown in teal and pink Panne'

SpringGreen panne' Fantasy gown

Medieval gown in Amethyst panne'

Medieval gown in pale Sage panne'

Medieval gown in Sage panne' with pale Yellow Gores

Medieval gown in CottonCandy Pink panne'

Medieval gown in Sage panne' with Cream Gores

Soft Blue panne' fantasy gown

Fantasy gown in Black Velvet with Crimson Gores

Commission Cloak in grey suedecloth w/embroidery

Romantic Cloak in Teal Heavy Velvet with Silver Edging

Fantasy gown in crushed Silvery-Blue heavy velvet/satin

Commission Fantasy gown in Black/Red velvets

Fantasy Gown in Heavy Velvet Black w/Crimson Gores

Fantasy gown in White Heavy Velvet w/organza

Fantasy gown in regal Purple w/Lilac crushed velvet gores

Romantic Cloak in Crimson heavy velvet

Medieval gown in Emerald panne'

Medieval gown in Crimson panne'

Medieval gown in SpringGreen panne'

Black / Crimson Heavy Velvet gown, with armlets

Commissioned Gold Romantic Cloak of heavy velvets

The GALLERY garments have been sold and are in collector's homes. Customer photos are used with permission and are credited.

The BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) Clothing and accessories on these pages are intended as ADULT collectible items - NOT intended for children under age 13. These are not children's toys.